I was a little disappointed when Robert Macfarlane brought out his latest book, Underworld, because its subtitle – a deep time journey – was so close to the title for my memoir, A Walk in Deep Time. I decided on this title a couple of years ago and when Macfarlane’s book came out I considered changing it – how could I compete with such a masterwork on language, landscape and deep time? It is a great read. I heard it first on the radio and was thrilled when the story began in the caves underneath the Mendips. Then my partner Andy Henon bought me a copy for my birthday, it’s luscious cover, luxuriant language and powerful story is different from and more important than mine. The award winning poet Sean Borodale introduces Robert Macfarlane to the Mendips and Robert quotes Sean saying, “ I did not understand the Mendips until I began to explore them from below”. Maybe in my memoir I am trying to understand something of myself and the world from an inner and landscape perspective. I do believe we all need to be talking about Deep Time, so I’m going to keep my title. Robert and Sean emerged from their underground journey below the nine barrows of Priddy. Here is my photo of footprints in the mud around the same location.