I am a conceptual artist, my work includes installation, photography, spatial and site specific contexts.  

Mendip barrows, lark ascending

Mendip barrows, lark ascending

I have been developing a series of layered photos of sites important to me in the Mendips. I’m inspired by David Hockney’s thesis showing multiple viewpoints of the same site which gives us a new genre of two dimensional experience of three dimensional space.


The Somerset Barn  I documented a barn in rural Somerset over several years to explore rural and global issues from a personal perspective, rooted in the landscape. Film installation, supported by the Engine Room was featured in the   Cultivate exhibition at the Brewhouse in Taunton in 2010. The title above links to the archive blog.

The Able Exhibition in Chiang Mai.  Following the severe flooding in Thailand this exhibition in December 2011 presented positive human strength and capability for surviving the most traumatic circumstances. I exhibited work developed from my work on the water table.

Sound Shower. This installation was exhibited at the Inna Space exhibition at the Brewhouse Taunton in 2011. Natalie Parsley reviewed it for Somerset Art Works blog, describing the ‘vulnerable and isolated’ feel of the piece.The sound was recorded in the brewhouse during the cultivate event inna space brewhouse

Credit Crunch. This image is from a series where I explore using ubiquitous iconic symbols to transmit an alternative message. It has been published in the collaborative ‘art tourist’ project curated by Katie Hawker which formed part of the international exhibition at Chiang Mai university arts centre called What to Dip, October 2011.


Jean’s Bow. This image is from a series on hairdressing salons, exploring the hiden nature of hairdressing in small towns. Jean’s Bow was exhibited at Art Works, Radstock in July 2009.

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