imageMorag (Mo) Kiziewicz, lives in Somerset, UK. I worked in Higher Education for over 20 years, initially teaching spatial design at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art, followed by 12 years as Learning Support Manager in the University of Bath, developing access for dyslexic and disabled students in the SW region.  Contemporary art and poetry  form an integral part of my practice, my published writing, exhibitions and poems are included on these pages.

I have an MA from the University of Wales, College of Cardiff. My research in how we develop spatial ability led to my beginning to understand the potential connections between spatial ability and dyslexia and to my work in this field. Ideas which I proposed and implemented in my work in education were initially controversial and challenging to the status quo. However, following the so-called ‘decade of the brain’ and our growing understanding of how the brain works, many of the principles I embraced are now mainstream. In particular throughout my career I have explored the connection between creativity, spatial ability, dyslexia and ability.  I have also been a lifelong campaigner for equality and diversity.

In 1969 I studied Environmental Design in Chesterfield with Norman Potter and was lucky to be involved in the exciting new British approach to design education and ecology. My first career as an interior designer led to some modest success. In the 70’s I was featured in House and Gardens feature ‘best of british design’ and as a free lance designer I completed a number of domestic and commercial architectural commissions.


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